† only you are the life among the dead †

Amy Lee falling on the stage


holy amy, the new album give me insomnia XD

excited. and dafuq to haters…this rule baby. 

bye !

push the bottum the hymn of start the notebook, tv, radio, cellphone .. for.now. XD

Amy on the beginning of push the button


gif credit: hayley-and-amy

I have no time to listen so much AM as I want .. I´m so tired…but in just one listen and my reaction was: love for the first sight..
I love experimental, electronic, instrumental music. whatever….Music is not a box .. is a world full of sounds .. Good job Amy ! :)

I guess she is happy now, when you’re a musician and you do what do you love to do…

yes !! <3


lockdown deserves an oscar for original song

can you hear me academy?


“You hold the answers deep within your own mind.
Consciously, you’ve forgotten it.
That’s the way the human mind works.
Whenever something is too unpleasant, to shameful for us
to entertain, we reject it.
We erase it from our memories.
But the imprint is always there.

….Nothing is ever really forgotten

Evanescence will be part of Amy…ever.

Well I know this post maybe be crazy,

but I was thought …

why Amy and Josh should named Jack* to her son ?

and the conclusion I have was …


Jack from N of tim burton. <3 and…


Jake the dog.. ♥

tell me crazy lady, but you know a little bit to Amy XD

so ?