† only you are the life among the dead †



No dejes que una mala relacion te destruya.

una relacion en la que sientas que te hundes en ves de volar

no es amor y no hace bien.

imnotthegirlyouthinkyouknow asked: "Hey, I seen your post and just wanted to say if you ever wanna chat Just message on here x"

hey, thank u so much

for ur kind words


Amy singing the rap “Baby got back”

Look at Ben’s face haha


los primeros gifs es amy coqueteando, xD

Hard times*

I´m so sad

life is hard

when life scream a change…

is so hard.

and I don´t why… everybody tells me is better.. you will be more powerful.. everything it´s gonna be okay and all of that…

now only I can cry…and if I cry i´m not a weak person..cry is not weakness. some things really hurt and hurt us… and is normal.. feel pain. and shed out some tears…

I feel I lost part of me… and makes me sad. I take a bad decision I fight for nothing ….

when nobody see ur pain and ur sandness

cut me in peaces, this year was really hard

when I need peace and happiness

I don´t search this, I don´t want this.

I hate feel this…

I surfer som many years.. its unfair.

I don´t understand…

my heart is really broken


I need love, friendship, and be me..

live my life.. and never

never feel this pain anymore taken all my essence.

i´m a mess now and I don´t like it.


I´m so sad…